Discerning Our Vision:

On November 13th a cross section of members of our parish gathered to discern where God is leading us. We explored where we felt we were starting from in reference to 7 marks of a healthy, functioning parish community. We went on to imagine what could be for the future in 5 areas of the churches mission purpose:

  • Worship,
  • Evangelism,
  • Discipleship,
  • Fellowship and
  • Ministry.

We ended the day tired but sensing we had achieved a great deal of effort toward developing a unified vision we could all work toward and support.

This document fleshes out the notes taken during the day and will provide the beginnings of a Parish Mission Action Plan.  It is,  of course, just a beginning and we will continue to work on seeking to be where God is guiding us.  Next steps are being discussed in the clergy team and at our next parish council meeting.

Click here to access the report of that day