Safe Ministry

Safe Ministry Training

All people working with children or youth in ministry, including ministers and assistant ministers, are required to complete Safe Ministry Training.

Safe Ministry Training is part of the Diocesan Safe Ministry Ordinance.  It requires that everyone involved in ministry to children and young people must undertake Safe Ministry training every three years.

Safe Ministry Training Workshops are interactive, awareness raising workshops covering: Christian foundations of safe ministry, duty of care, vulnerable people protection (abuse prevention), due diligence in relation to recruitment and supervision of all church leaders and the management of program risks. As well as how we are to discharge our duty of care, and about the dynamics of power in leadership relationships.

Safe Ministry checks include a Working with Children Check, a National Criminal History Check and Safe Ministry Training as accredited by the National Council of Churches under the Safe Church Training Agreement.

Safe Church

The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle is building safe churches to ensure church is safe for all to attend. The Anglican Parish of East Lake Macquarie is part of the Diocese of Newcastle.