Fr Peter’s Induction

On Wednesday 27th April, 2022, Fr Peter Tinney was commissioned as the Acting Rector of the Parish of East Lake Macquarie by Bishop Peter Stuart at All Saints. Parishioners from all centres attended and Peter and Fiona were warmly welcomed to the parish by parishioners and community representatives. Bishop Charlie led the service which was followed by a delicious supper.


Holy Family, Belmont North was deconsecrated as a place of Anglican worship at its final service on Sunday 24th April at 5.00 pm by Bishop Charlie Murry. At the beginning of the service, Bishop Charlie read the following:

Anglican worship has been conducted in Belmont North and Jewells since before this building ever existed. In fact, the first worship gatherings occurred next door in the rectory in a room added on to the original plan. Services and children’s ministry occurred in the downstairs rooms and in the garage from 1984 until this building was put together and consecrated.

In 1986 the Church of the Holy Family was consecrated to the Glory of God and included in the Parish of Belmont North Redhead. At the very heart of this place has always been the volunteer effort of its people; painting, building, tiling, cleaning, cooking and, above all, serving God and God’s people.

This church has fulfilled its purpose as a house of worship to the Glory of God over these years. This is not the end of its work in this parish, rather it is the beginning of a new phase in its usefulness.

We know that since these early times, until recently, people have worshipped here and been reminded of:

 the glory of God the Father, who has called us by his grace.

 the glory of God the Son, who loves us and gave himself for us; and

 the glory of God the Spirit, who sanctifies, guides and comforts us.

However, with changing circumstances in this community, in church attendance, and in the way people travel to church, we recognise that this church building no longer fulfils this purpose.

We meet, therefore, to thank Almighty God for the years of service Holy Name has provided to the people of this community, and to ask God’s blessing as it passes from sacred to secular use.

To many of us this church building has been hallowed by cherished memories, and we know that there is a sense of loss as we gather to close it. We pray that we will all be comforted by the knowledge that the presence of God is not tied to any place or building, and that ministry to this community will continue through the Parish of East Lake Macquarie and through the continued prayers and service of the Anglican residents of Belmont North and Jewells.

So, let us grieve together as is good and right, let us give thanks to God for this church and the ways we have experienced the grace of God here, and let us pray for one another as we step out into our future together.


Holy Name, Redhead was deconsecrated as a place of Anglican worship at its final service on Sunday 6th February at 2.00pm by Bishop Charlie Murry.  Since 1920 the land on which the church stands has been a place of worship, firstly in tents and then a hall. After the church was built it was dedicated as Holy Name in the parish of Belmont on January 23rd 1929.
We give thanks to God for all the faithful people who have worshipped and served at Holy Name since then, and it was with heavy and sad hearts that we said goodbye.

Holy Name, Redhead was filled to capacity last Sunday afternoon for its last service, led by Bishop Charlie, Revd Greg Colby and Darrell Fox. About 60-70 people attended the service including present and past parishioners of Belmont North /Redhead, past and present clergy, parishioners from Belmont, Windale and Swansea. The readings were done by Chris Charlton and Alma Irons, and Robyn Ashley-Brown led the music. At the end of the service, gifts that had been given to the church were returned to the donors. Then we filed out of the building to the hymn “How Great Thou Art” while Evelyn Davies and Alma Irons closed the doors. There were a few tears as the bell was rung before we gathered at the back for afternoon tea to share memories of this small but faithful church. Thank you to those who played a part in organising the occasion, particularly Carolyn Cook, warden of Holy Name, and her team.