Leadership Team

Clergy Team

Parish Priest: Peter Tinney (0451 677 701)


Ministry Days: Sunday to Thursday

Associate Priest (p/t): Alison Wooden (0418 630 856)

Honorary Priest

Robyn Fry (0427 643 817)

Honorary Deacon

John Carroll (0419 703 410)

Parish Council Members

Warren Burkett, Lesley Byrne, Greg Colby, Carolyn Cook, Helen Edwards, Barbara Govan, Ameera Hale, Nancy Lott, Chris Pennifold, Bill Plumridge, Adrian Price, Kathy Roberts, Jacqui Sorby, Diana Taaffe, Peter Tinney, Gary Wilcher & Alison Wooden.

Function and Purpose of Parish Council

The parish council is ‘to promote the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.’ This is very broad and includes and embraces the ministry of pastoral care and concern for others in the parish; the evangelistic ministry of the church which may encompass its outreach activities and strategies for growth; the social life of the parish; and opportunities for working collaboratively with other Christian churches in the parish area. The 'whole mission of the church' includes risk management and professional standards, management of finances, care of buildings and property.